Getting closer to Klaus Schwab's dream every day: "Jobs Report: Everyone Has One and Nobody’s Happy"

@adam I don't buy into (un)employment rate numbers. They are based on assumptions made from data when people try to file for unemployment. Maybe there are other metrics they pull from that I don't know of, but that number seems awful low for what I'm seeing around me and hearing from those closer to being 'in the know' than I am.

@chillanarchist01 @adam
I will NEVER again file for unemployment benefits since NYS and 29 (more?) other states now require 'verification of identity' via I will NEVER create an account/profile with or any such 'identity verification' entity. Therefore, I will never again be able to file a claim for benefits.

@danieljfranco1 @adam honestly wanting to make sure that the proper person is filing/getting benefits like this is good, I don't want the government involved.

@chillanarchist01 @adam
Eventually, ID profiles/data will be hacked or leaked. They manage tens (>hundred?) of millions of ID accounts. MANY have had significant issues w/ w/creating accts and/or getting services provided, such as unemployment benefits. requires video-selfie & other data that is everything that a hacker would need to remotely impersonate anyone. I refuse to give such data at all but particularly never to one company. Please research

@danieljfranco1 @adam I'm not even talking about just I'm just talking in general, identity services are a valuable asset. If you don't want any of your data hacked or breached ever, gtfo the Internet and never return.

@adam Great Job on Rogan Adam Corolla, plus JCD should be very happy. Jetson aero should give you a 75% Discount all the Advertising you got them.!

@PhillyV Good point but at least @adam pitched the No Agenda show
Podcasting 2.0
and the Jetson flying car on Rogan

@adam For the life of me how can we identify the perpetrators of all these things, and repeatedly report of them, but no one can actually do anything to remove their influence?

@adam Hey Adam, what is the best way to listen to your podcast?

Btw - thought your last Joe Rogan appearance was great!

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