Mmmkay: "“So something must be changing in the outside world in a way that is increasing our predisposition to autoimmune disease.”"

@adam they say it started 40 years ago, so not likely related to the immune system issues we've heard about re: covid vaccines.

Unless they are creating cover for that, of course.

@thoughtcriminal @adam I think the point is post Roosevelt New Deal (farm subsidies so people don't starve to death) we have had excess junk food in our diet that makes us more susceptible. It's a contributing factor, but yes, it may be contributed to by vaccines (older ones) in some part also, who knows what this one will do. By the time we know, they'll have something else to blame it on.

@thoughtcriminal @adam
The indemnification of vaccine manufacturers was enacted about 40 years ago 🤔

To be fair this has been talked about in organic/natural food circles for awhile. I do concede however, this is only in The Guardian as cover for the coming ills of the vax cult.

@m00se @adam mRNA tech has autoimmune iatrogenics written all over it...

@js290 @m00se @adam exactly. They're making people's cells grow horns so that the body will attack it. Will the body then attack the same kind of cells without the horns?

@m00se @adam @thoughtcriminal BAD Food quality and lack of exercise are big. Vaccines in the US became mainstream in the 60s & 70s.There are so many potential sources that could cause these issues: But instead of looking at the deeper root problems, the article ends with, “Lee stressed that surging cases of autoimmune diseases across the world meant new treatments and drugs were now urgently needed more than ever before.”
- Same endless cycle with policies about homeless: “just build housing”

@adam lot more people are starting to believe it's ALL fake pharma scam.
(somewhere towards the top)

@Coyote @adam Food AND Drug administration. Yup both sectors in one government body

@adam strong sense is that this is due to the vaccines they have given kids the past 40 yrs. The formulas changed, the number of shots increased and more “shots to cure new illnesses” were added (HPV, etc).
What is the percentage of autoimmune disease in the Quaker or Hasidic Jewish population(s)? Check on families that did not vax their kids too.
And i also agree that this is a warm up story for the future to ease ppl freaking out (that got the c19 shot).Cover all bases.Create the narrative

@Carsh @adam When I was 37 I got 5 vaccines in one day to go to the Philippines. A year and a half later I got a full body rash after scallopping. None of the other 3 scallopers got a rash. I've been fighting off rashes ever since and eventually developed psoriasis.

I blame this on the vaccines, but there's no way I can prove it since the onset was so far removed from the injury.

@rich_lather Sorry to hear about that but funny you mention Philippines and rashes. My filipino friends (all in their early 50’/late 40’s do NOT have exema (skin rashes). All of their kids (20’s and younger) DO have exima…. (All got vaxd)
My friends tell me its hereditary and don't back down even after I point out that they, nor their parents, have the skin rash….

@rich_lather real life science! Just like all the ppl i know who have had covid (not vaxd) and only one in the hospital. From 10 to 80 years old. ALL recovered on their own (hospital case got treated with meds). Im up to about 60+ ppl. Real life stat!
Lately some of my fully vaxd friends (only 2) have gotten c19. Healed at home too.
SCIENCE indeed

@Carsh my wife's younger brothers have eczema 28 & 25 y.o., so maybe the Vax regiment has been adopted by the Philippines.

Thanks, Bill Gates.

@adam I have arthritis (my hands look like the one on the left x-ray now after 30 yrs) My dad has it too. My brother doesn't. Been asked to participate in food/arthritis related research 20 yrs ago. They are on this subject for a while. Me and dad are set off by some foods, though it's not junk food. Spicy food for me. For my dad it's red meat.

I think this article is misleading though. I also think meds/vax are more likely inducers. I'm surprised they didn't say climate change as a cause.

@adam Seen several homeopathic/alternative doctors before I was diagnosed. That took a while because I was too young to get RA they thought.

Their conclusion:
They blamed a penicillin poisoning I had as a kid. Had impetigo that didn't go away fast enough so doctor upped the dose to adult dose.
Also my amalgam fillings could have been a cause. Had those removed.

@adam high fructose corn syrup, deactivates Vitamin D. Everything now days has HFCS. Increase in multiple sclerosis, especially in woman is thought to possibly be caused by severe lack of D3 levels, groups are suspecting this is why.

@adam Diet is key as you know. God knows what compounds are in fast food. A very worthy docu if you haven’t seen it: Also “Cooked”, an interesting 4 part series on eating/cooking practices around the world.

The best theory I have heard is from Anthony William The Medical Medium. He says that autoimmune is a misnomer, your body doesn't attack it self, it is attacking a very real yet undiscovered viral infection. All of the metals, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides act as a catalyst for viruses like Epstien-Barr or Shingles that wreck havoc on your nervous system.

@cryochasm @adam

I don’t know. People with a peanut allergy only have reaction to peanuts and only peanuts.

T1D is increasing and showing up younger. My niece got it at 2. Lupus is increasing rapidly and suppressing the immune system is the only thing keeping them alive. Another niece had that at 8 and severe damage to her kidneys she has to test regularly to catch before they fail. She has a handful at her school that also have it. I didn’t know what it was until I was grown


We artificially stimulate the immune system of everyone without longitudinal studies or generational and then surprised by a steady sharp incline in overactive immune systems. It was so predictable and yet no desire to test AND get indemnification. Almost like it was a plan all along.

@adam 1/2 If you want to believe it's all about the vaxx, fine, it may indeed have a small impact on the phenomena, which is nothing new. The more likely causes are diet & lifestyle choices.
For example, that article is claiming that the biggest increase in cases are in regions that previously had none of it. But in a typical M5M fashion the Guardian fails to do any research about whether or not those regions have been increasingly adapting the Western junk food diet recently. Which is likely.

@adam 2/2 The Big Pharma-sponsored Guardian piece is also suggesting that those who suffer from the autoimmune diseases need surgeries, regular jabs & drugs for the rest of their lives, which is also misleading (duh).
Many autoimmune diseases from inflammatory bowel to Hashimotos etc. can be either minimised or put into a remission, some even cured, with a proper human diet.
As in whole foods; meat, fish, eggs, veggies & some dairy. No industrial junk food, GMO, sugar, refined flour or veg oils.

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