LOL!!! -- "There is no evidence of pandemic ‘mass formation psychosis', according to Reuters and The Associated Press"

@adam and those are the two that everyone says are unbiased and credible 😂

@adam google is already forcing "debunking" articles to the top of their first-page search results.

@adam When did for entertainment purposes only “news” sources and propaganda facts checkers become expert arbiters of science above all scientists and historians above all historical experts?

@adam kinda related but lol fact checkers say on something as subjective as art.


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so say the clowns! 😂😂😂

@adam You know the greater New York Metropolitan area as well as anybody…I see evidence of it every time I walk out my door.

Of course not. Fish don't know they're in water.


Oh the left is about to get their newest over the air updates real soon.

New think V1.32 downloaded!
Installation complete!


@Magnate @adam Because there are a LOT of things to talk about that are related in some way, probably:

@Magnate @adam

Trolls are valuable. Linking concepts that cause you to think, sure, it's annoying to investigate, is it even related... But, sharpen your logic skills, they are training you to do that, sniff out fallacy from fiction fast, and you will ...

Probably be more unhappy when you realize how shit everything really is...

But maybe learn to laugh as you learn, and meet cool people along the way, and, isn't that what it's about anyway? Or.. Is it.. ? Dun duhn done...

@Magnate We have the tools. This was all develop[ed for "micro-blog" with cross-links and learn more from each other through sharing and cross linking micro-blogging. Drill down in topics, learn, meet people with same interests.

Until marketing demanded we view things in "timeline" mode, so we can follow the narrative.

I don't want timeline, I want friends and topics. WTF is timeline but "spastic order of conversation, to make it broken up enough to place ads."

@adam Sorry, I see people are looking at this... So, did I post the followup to be added to the time capsule in this "logic thread" ?

The tech news on the bottom right makes this instant time capsule classic IMHO...

@adam Lemme guess, before I even read it (I'm about to, had to make the joke first)...

I'm guessing it uses "psychosis" to reach the "false" conclusion, at least once, if JCD was onto something. Answer is... ?

@adam That didn't take long:

"What you need to know:
– Psychology experts say there is no support for the “psychosis” theory described by Malone, according to The Associated Press"

I wanna see JCD on Rogan. Do I really need to say why? Didn't we just see a great reason to get that brain in front of more viewers?

@adam I mean, Malone's statement was pretty stupid. He either doesn't know how to use the word "literally", or he was talking about literal hypnosis. Either way, he is retarded and I am perfectly fine with Reuters and AP taking him by his word.

@adam Am I the only one that noticed the gaping logical hole in the stories?

"There is no evidence of this (new) discovery in our search of historic publications."

We can't discover something, unless we knew about it before? How's that work?

@valentina Not bad, despite the name being factually correct. Sadly, the text of these results also incorrectly, lead to Hitler quickly.

@adam maybe just calling it "mass hysteria" would help

@adam or "mass media induced hysteria" to be more accurate

@m0tz @adam just give her a pack of cigarettes and a pat on the behind...

@adam The 1st time I heard this term, I thought perhaps it should be "Mass Fomentation Psychosis". As in, people being fomented into taking action, like rioting.

In my military days, we had "Mass Formations" called parade drills. It served no real useful purpose, for the rest of my service time. Generals just like to see their troops parade like toy soldiers, every now and then. It gives them a sense of power. It has nothing to do with combat readiness. No one parades in war zones.

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