@adam missed the live show, waiting patiently for the upload

@adam is this a new idea borne from the latest episode? I was only able to listen live up until the middle of the donation segment before life got in the way.

By the way, I sure hope you and @Johncdvorak didn't forget about your crackpot Teslapocalypse during the second half of show!

@adam Ur analysis of DR Malone is compelling. In the context of the global entrainment, no lie is too small, no op unworthy.

He's not like the others as you note. People like Dr. McCullough are devastated by what has happened and saddened they must step forward and speak out.

I think it might be interesting finding out who funds the "Malone Institute" when it's up and running.

@adam from the article “nice resume mr bond” siliconicarus.org/2020/07/31/d I think it’s fair to say there are factions within spook world

@adam Walked though Manhattan tonight after work and made some pictures of the testing sites which were plentiful on 34th Street. I started up today's episode just to have a soundtrack of commentary on testing as I look at pictures of testing.

FREE! The best deal in the Big Apple, next to the Staten Island Ferry.

@Vulkan69 @melodiousowls @adam ugh, I bet you have to have an address to get "free" testing. Pass
@TomAltihill @adam @melodiousowls Probably I wouldn't know I've never once taken a COVID test

@Vulkan69 @TomAltihill @adam Had to for the one I submitted myself to today to work. You also sign off on them notifying the authorities if you test positive. Haven't done any of the street teams don't know what they are doing or how many are sending stuff to foreign adversaries.

@melodiousowls @TomAltihill @adam Damn, sorry about that the company I work for hasn't required me to do it yet but I wouldn't be surprised if they made me do it, hopefully by the end of the year I have moved to somewhere like Idaho or Florida
@Vulkan69 @adam @melodiousowls I had to or else they wouldn't let me leave the motel. I was okay with staying in the motel, it had running water and was free, which is the opposite of how I usually live, which is no running water and having to pay fees for vagrancy. I even hooked up my laptop to the flatscreen to multi-track SS13 at 100% volume for 16 hours a day. But then the feds I work for said they would fire me if I didnt leave.

The "swab your brain" test was oddly sexual and DID make me cry. If there was a local fetish group for it I would join.

@TomAltihill @Vulkan69 @adam They handed the swab to me an instructed to go deeper. But I have had one of the ones that feels like a violation.

@TomAltihill @adam @melodiousowls It's weird how normalized it has become to stick things up your nose
@Vulkan69 @adam @melodiousowls I learned my G spot is on my pineal gland, which is soft, not calcified like you hard water drinking nigger jigaboo lip smacking porch monkeys

@adam I would like to charge Joe Biden with Insurrection. Nobody has entered the capital and walked around more than he.

@adam Am I wrong, or did 1/6 prevent the Green Bay sweep?

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