Comment thread for episode 1413

@adam Dvorak was absolutely disrespecting your amazing hair with that mullet bit.

@Devilfiddledbetter @adam that’s what people who don’t have hair, or very little hair to style, do.


@Johncdvorak microaggressions toward you are unacceptable.

Great episode.

@adam thought about a mullet. chapters on 1412 are pretty funny.

@adam the lateral follow tests they use in school. Are unable to tell the difference between SARS cov 1and 2!

Staff keep testing hoping to get s positive so they can work from home!


Should talk to the kids on how they used cola to fake their results.

@adam do the shows get shorter the older jcd gets?

@adam Once again JCD throws shade on forthcoming sealed indictments

@adam @Johncdvorak i switched all my meds as well as all of my dad’s meds to amazon they are great - cvs has a hard time shipping at least 50% of them amazon’s 1.0 attempt with pill pack aquasition wasn’t as thought out end to end. Co-pay for every medicine is cheaper with “prime” vs insurance as well.
Only issue is controlled stuff like meth I mean adderall

@adam @Johncdvorak I’ll also add Uber did a pilot run of picking up meds from the pharmacy around here and it had lots of issues so they s-canned it

@adam my spook-dar went off with Malone, as well. I wouldn't be surprised.

@Drumrguy @adam central Virginia horse country has a lot of Dulles area retirees and recruiting events!

@adam just an FYI for anyone dealing with sore throat - it went away for everyone in our house w a standard first aid kit inhaler!

Symbicort by AstraZeneca (not a shill!)

@adam Comment threads from Podcast Addict App. Very cool, go Podcasting 2.0!

@adam I can’t believe you guys missed the boat on “iMeat”

@adam I'm real late, just catching up. Regarding the mullet, here me out: since trump was elected there was a surge in masculinity that had this retro 80s vibe (on social media and message boards). I've been seeing mullets for years now, since 2016. I think NPR is trying to diminish/ruin mullets for these young men to squash the masculinity resurgence, by associating it with woke shit. Just a thought....

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