Before the fall, always this -> "Jamie Dimon jokes that JPMorgan will outlast the Chinese Communist Party"

@adam It is our job to ensure that ALL too-big-to-fail institutions get replaced with smaller institutions. You might win by a month Jamie.

Chinese economy is being held hostage by the artificially created transportation issues. One can argue that China is the primary target as it holds the key to global manufacturing. Xi had a fallout with Soros around the same time Evergrande announced financial troubles. I wonder why? Maybe CCP is not cooperating and globalists are creating leverage? Maybe CCP is more afraid of their people then Soros/Dimon/WEF? If the current economic trajectory continues we may be pushed into war against China.

@adam @OVDB very curious hes out there saying this with Evergreene and all.

@adam The Morgan family are survivors for sure.

We don't generally know the names & lineages of our oligarchic aristocracies- as this is a "democracy"- but studying the history of family feuds rewards many insights.

@adam ahh hubris, good. Bye bye Jamie, can't say it was a pleasure...

@adam number one best strategy: underestimate your opponent.

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