@TheCapitalist -- congrats on your victory today!! Especially with so much stiff competition.

Your piece definitely POPS!

@adam congrats to you and @Johncdvorak and all the knights and dames and producers. Thank you for your courage and helping keep our amygdalae petite.

@adam @TheCapitalist Congratulations on 1400! Big Art for a Big Show 😉 Eye catching piece for eye catching information provided. ITM Thank you Adam & John. Congratulations CA on the selection. 🙏

@adam I can’t wait! I’m all caught up and about to give this one my attention

@adam @Johncdvorak Thank You. Amazing show- looking forward to the next 100!

@adam @Johncdvorak to clear up your Tim Pool bio. I believe he's from Chicago and was living in NJ working for Vice and then his own podcast and then he moved into the and starting buying guns because he is afraid of societal collapse.

@adam hey that ibgraham who’s in first was a bit, nobody talks like that and get always do shtick with that guy

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