Yeah, it's been spreading around here too over Reno.

Even more on my patrol spotted behind me whenever I was going the other direction. I remember these being a hugely common thing out in California and I'm pretty sure I have some photos of those floating around somewhere.

@adam Orange county California same thing today.

Saw 3 today when I was outside playing with my daughter after work. 2 on the outside headed west, and 1 on the inside headed east 🤔

@adam we used to get dozens and dozens some days years ago. Musk to Mars is the only way outta this mess

@adam Our skies were pure blue this morning in Oregon, then completely chem blanket by noon. It's way too obvious at this point

@adam The No Agenda programming works, all I hear in my head when I see that image is,,, chemtrails

@maxeffort @adam
check this one out boys
nothing alarming about a giant pentagram with the moon in the center, right?

@adam People will be more docile soon in the Hill Count(r)y.

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