Helipad now showing Boostsagrams on my Umbrel!

Dave Jones pushing podcasting2.0 to the next level!

@radraccoon @adam I'm a giant nerd and none of those words mean anything to me

I think it must be some crypto thing

I am a fucking retard ape and understand all of it!
@adam @radraccoon

@adam Has @sobr pushed this to the Umbrel app store or did you manually add the docker? I'm running the latest version but I don't see the app. I built my own with a built-in SSD. It was a really easy setup. My family tells me I have a pi addiction. I only have 5. I used the Aron One case for my setup.

@praetorrian @adam Not in the app store yet. I'm still trying to fix an issue where the database file for the app gets owned by "root" instead of the correct "umbrel" user when the app installs. Unfortunately the support channel for Umbrel is a wasteland and nobody replies to my questions.

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