Every second the M5M has death numbers on screen, they are lying -- Investigation: Died 'From' or Died 'With' COVID?


Died from penis is not the same as died with penis.

Makes sense.

Very different.

You stated yesterday that Germany is going to 1G. Where did you get that info because amygdala swelled and I about had a panic attack. We're stuck here for a while so I'm in the same shit as your daughter with the added responsibility of a family to feed and support.

@adam very blatent, murder suicide, heart attack, cancer counts as covid death, also 2 people still alive? great story exposing whats happening in a small county,

expand that worldwide.

@adam twitter won't even let me post the link to the article, that's nuts.

@stormbringer Good thing that "orange dictator" was removed from office and took his corrupt media with him. 🙄😉

@adam as a physician, I have no issues with how covid deaths are counted. Clearly it’s an upper bound.

What I do have a problem with is the relative inaccessibility of death data for vaccines. Counting the same way would similarly be an upper bound but still useful to know…and might put many at ease if they could set aside the upper bound issue and simply compare to the upper bound for infection.

@adam The problem really is how they claim these higher numbers for shock of how deadly and dangerous meh virus or variants are. However, when your overstating the key death rate from Covid alone by 96-97% its clear the goal is FEAR, so take this vax/booster or DIE messaging.

The official statement from the Alaska Department of Health is a death will be listed as COVID if there is a positive test.

If the CDC has determined the test cannot differentiate between the Wuhan Flu, the Influenza flu, or a common cold, how will these future deaths be determined?

A friend went to the Clinic last year saying he was fatigued. He was told he had COVID as that is one of the signs. No test. Only one sign. I asked him how he knew he doesn't have Leukemia instead.

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