Zuckerberg got suckered into helping the Democrat party win the 2020 election, now they are tearing him down.

@adam I don’t see how Zuckerberg loses through any of this. Perhaps a tarnished reputation, but that wasn’t particularly good to begin with.

@mike @adam I agree, this is free advertising. Who’s the king maker now b’s?

@adam Hey Zuck, ol buddy ol pal, can you hold this bag for a sec? Thanksomuch yer such a doll.

@adam The DNC wants to directly control censorship at Facebook.

I remember this all started when Trump was found to have the records of 12,000,000 facebook users from that company when 8 years before Obama's team said they had the records of 60,000,000 people and they were hailed as social media geniuses for helping get Obama elected. And... another perspective

@adam I do not think he "got suckered into" it at all. It was deliberate, despicable, evil, yet genius. There ought to be laws against it.

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