I'll just keep saying it. Hollywood is dead.
M5M has lost their audiences.

@adam James Bond was great back in the day but how many of these movies can they make? Stop beating a dead horse.

@adam I know you are from the future. I believe this statement is for the now. How do you keep track of the time leaps?

@adam this moviefilm is the PERFECT example to illustrate your point.

A bloated mess, unimaginative and lazy.

There's talent in the cast and crew no doubt but the ingenuity that gave these spells their credibility has disappeared for all but the spiritually unconscious.

Go podcasting.

I think the problem with the James Bond movies is that technology has caught up with them. We all loved Bond, but it was the gadgets that we really wanted.

90% of the problem is the over use of Billie Eilish everywhere I look.

I mean, cmon. ACL twice already? Gimmie a break.

@adam loved you on hog story. We must be fans of similar YouTube channels. Jon Levi?

Either way. Keep up the second half of show stuff no matter where you go.

@adam I wish I could compete this well. I'm a hobby podcaster

@adam -- With all of this Covid talk, I'm going to take a break from it and watch a movie - 12 Monkeys.


@adam Most of the time I'm with you, but as a life long Bond fan, this one stings. To met Craig did a great job as Bond. And the last 2 movies were he was 007, they seemed to have a decent balance of classic 007 swagger mixed in with a pinch of modern flash/bang production. They at least didn't go all Fast 'n Furious or Mission Impossible stoopid in the special effects department. Ah the slow agonizing death or the M5M & my youth. 😭

@adam On of the reason why I haven't been in a Movie theater since 2005.

@adam The magic mirror has disrupted all previous forms of dopaminergic release.

@adam UK-ers have an overly large opinion of this small-time movie character. No one cares.

@adam it sure feels like Adam's saying it the way it is. I mean they were all born when you had to have rabbit ears stuck on the top of the TV.

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