@Tante_Neel @nessworks

I really, REALLY wanted to rotate the badge a little so that it was a bit more dynamic, but my computer complained that I didn't have enough RAM to do that. Looks like I need to upgrade! 😅

@MountainJay @Tante_Neel I like the attention to detail on the text wrapping. Nice touch, Looks great! 🙏

@adam @MountainJay "Agent 33" 👍 👏 Get Facebag Agent 33!!! Great Piece Mountain Jay & Great show A & J. 🙏

@Kennyben — congrats on your win last week!! 🏆✨

I’m so glad at least Adam is finally clear on your gender. 😆

Agent 33 is on the move. Hold her beer and watch her work.

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