@CSB haha! Stealing all the fun out of being called a dude 🤣 @Tante_Neel @adam

@Kennyben @Tante_Neel

don't count on it as AC rarely listens to me

also I asked AI:

Human: what is gender of Kennyben?

AI: He is a human

@CSB @Kennyben 😂 Surprised that woke machine didn't say THEY are human.

@Tante_Neel @Kennyben

it doesn't know what woke is in the meaning you mean:

Human: are you woke?
AI: I woke up today going through several thousand blog posts. And then I saw a bunch of pictures of cute puppies.
Human: it doesn't answer my question
AI: I know, and I am aware, and I'm really sorry. I guess I'm not woke enough.

@CSB so they said he 🤣 so even AI thinks I’m male 😂 @Tante_Neel



so unless AI notices and remembers my remark you will be male in their eyes on Thursday


@CSB usually Darren helps me out and let’s Adam know 😜 @Tante_Neel

@adam @Kennyben Brillz! Way to go Kendra 🤟 Great piece for a great show. Contains 33 👍 😉

@Kennyben congratulations on the win, pal! 😉😉🎉🎉

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