Make a list of the companies, directors, bosses, supervisors, managers, doctors, nurses, hospitals, health boards, councils, with the NAMES of the people mandating the clot shot bioweapons kill shots, the bioweapons infected surgical masks, social distancing, the PCR fake, bioweapons contaminated "tests" or any "covid" measure, a bioweapon & attack upon We the People. Then send me the list via PM.


We are putting together a list of those guilty of Nuremberg Code crimes so that we will have our local Constitutional Sheriffs appoint citizen Marshalls all across the country, to arrest, try, convict & execute anyone mandating these "covid" measures, for their crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg Code.

As happened during WWII, those mandating the clot shots kill shots bioweapons will not be able to use the excuse that they were "only following orders". This did not work at the Hague or the Nuremberg trials then in WWII & will not work now also.

This is our Constitutional way to arrest, try & convict via citizen grand juries anyone connected to the Biden, Kamala, Pelosi fake administration, the Democrats, RINOS, to their federal agencies & agents, to DC, to local cities which are all private corporations.

This is our way to arrest any "government", city, council, which are Rothschild run private corporations, to stop any organization, medical institution, doctor, nurse, professional or company of any kind mandating the clot shots bioweapons of mass destruction, via the power of the local sheriffs, via the authority of the Constitution of 1787, of the Nuremberg Code, via the power & authority vested in us by the international treaties on human rights which go back to WWII & beyond.

This way we do not have to wait for the new International Hague or Nuremberg Code tribunals. We carry them-out using the power vested in us by the local Constitutional Sheriffs, those who support & defend the second amendment, those pissed-off by the "covid measures".

We operate under the power & authority granted to us under The original Constitution for the united States of America of 1787, the authority of all international laws on human rights which have been agreed to internationally.

Once we arrest the criminals, we will carry-out our tribunals under the citizen grand juries, empowered by the local sheriffs, using the original common law. The scumbags in DC and their federal courts will not be able to stop us, since we are backed by the local sheriffs, who will stand ground around our grand juries, protecting them with our newly appointed Marshalls.

So we do not need to do an international Hague tribunal, only local tribunals in each state.

The ones doing the enforcement of our new grand juries will be the local Sheriffs and the newly appointed Marshalls they appoint. They will protect us from any criminals who attempt to dox or frustrate our efforts.

@sizzletron -- you've been killin' it with the art lately! 🤩 TYFYC!! ❤️

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