@adam I really don't like being a biased cheerleader but Bitcoin seems to be one of the most revolutionary inventions ever created, and the more I learn about it the more convinced I get of that.

@Lucasvos you're right. What Satoshi did was the most important thing for freedom to ever happen in the history of ever. Personally I think the more important invention was blockchain. @adam is a maxi, which is cool, but I feel like maxis miss out on a lot of really cool stuff. Cardano, my favorite blockchain, has a lot of cool stuff going for it. It's a very responsibly built system. Nothing like Ethereum in that sense. I think you'd both find it interesting.

@william_doyle I was a maximalist before but now I understand that there's room for so much more in the industry. In terms of a monetary standard Bitcoin is the one tho. Do you have any good sources on Cardano for me?

@Lucasvos yeah

This guy is the CEO of IOHK. He streams regularly. DM me if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best.

@adam I got into crypto late 2017 before it dipped, and back then there were a lot of proof-of-concept work and scams.

However revisiting it this time around I am a bit amazed. There are literally hundreds of really well done, well funded initiatives.

Things are getting polished and easy to use. One click everything with Metamask, no signup, no fuzz.

Might take another round before true mass adoption, but there is NO WAY this tech is dying now.

@adam does everyone use coin base to buy and sell?

@VTechteacher @adam

Peer2Peer is far superior, but we resort to coinbase when we must.

@adam They better be careful to not let BTC compete too much with USD. I’d hate to see them receive a dose of freedom from the US military.

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