Interested in what @ScottAdamsSays thinks of this article: "We Are Witnessing the Greatest Mass Hypnosis of All Time"

@adam I would guess he will dismiss it since he has inexplicably become one of the hypnotized himself

@adam interesting read, so glad they couldn’t hijack my amygdala , you and John got to it first lol

@adam Me too. I haven't been listening to him much lately, but when I do catch up... jumped the shark or something. Strange.

Recently there was some other guy mentioning this. I now forget who it was.

Also that Belgian guy who told how it was done in the media and mentioning the first day of messaging was very critical. Explaining he had only once chance to do it right.

@MartinJJ @adam i think that was the dickhead regarding the swine flu. even are some videos of how he manipulated data and wording to say one message despite the facts being completely different... kinda like the last 18 months :)

@MartinJJ that was a good clip. So much happening that I forget about nuggets like that

@MartinJJ @adam belgian guy is Mark Van Ranst, I believe, he is the Fauci of Belgium.

@MartinJJ @adam There is that playbook where they say you have to have ONE guy doing the communication and some phrases which that guy repeats as a mantra.

@adam yes. and mass ritual, and mass seance, you name it, all the bases are covered...

@adam Good text, but these 12 minutes are gold:
Especially the 4 factors:
1. Lack of social bond, social isolation
2. Lack of sense making and loss of meaning
3. Free floating, unspecified anxiety
4. Free floating, unspecified discontent

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