@darrenoneill @m00se Gee that looks great. Where ever did you get the idea for that......................................

@NetNed @m00se Nice, I don't remember seeing that. No anal applicator, that's the problem!

@darrenoneill @m00se yeah apparently they didn’t either since I got no mention. I sent an angry donation and talked shit about your piece. Don’t take it personally. Was agitated yesterday because my mom all of a sudden has aggressive arthritis after having basically no health issues for years and she can barely walk, to the point of opiates that she says are doing nothing and all I can think in my head is the vax maybe did this, which has me irritated very much. Might be just age though.

@NetNed @m00se No worries!

Get your mom some of Cal's finest. The stuff works wonders. My dad's been using it now as well as my mom.

Promo code "NoAgenda"


@darrenoneill @m00se She used his salve and the CBD drops. I should order her the more potent ones he has now. Got an awesome note from Sir Cal last order

@NetNed @m00se I did as well, the guy was made to do what he does. Happy to give him business.

Hello producers, if you like to claim your credits, or hit people in the mouth on LinkedIn, here's a ready made post to leading right to the NA LinkedIn Page. linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:l
Also: follow, like, mention people in the comments, reshare, all that jazz.

@adam whooohoo @darrenoneill 👏🏻👏🏻🎉👏🏻Well done! Congrats!!!
Nice take on the paste 😂

@adam @Johncdvorak
Well, maybe I'm a partypooper, but I do not like the artwork lately. There is way too much simplistic cartoonish ready made clipart stuff contributed all the time now and most isn't really great. High time for a change back to original artwork.

@MartinJJ ? trying my best- give me a couple months… about the time when John says I’m going to quit. Still learning.

@MartinJJ — if you might be so kind, I’m very curious to see examples of the earlier artwork that you like. :)

(I’ve been AFK a lot lately, but am formulating a comeback.)

@adam @Johncdvorak

@MountainJay @adam @Johncdvorak
Hard to say, some jump out. Everyone has it's own taste, but to get an idea you now have to go back at least 70 pages in the generator. People used to make their own collage of fun stuff or something highly on topic. Avoiding copyright problems. Not posting things knowing it will never be chosen. Now many grab some cartoon character, slap it on a bright background and it's done. I rather see one or two well done original pieces from people than all this.

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