@darrenoneill 🥳🥳🥳 nice one! Is this number 10!? 😍😍

@Kennyben Thank you, Kendra!

Yes, #10 on the year.

#91 overall.

But, who is counting? 😜

@darrenoneill @Kennyben at least ill keep my #1 in most submitted arts :P i haven't been picked in about a year now

@NICKtheRAT @Kennyben You are a legend, Nick! You have well over 100 wins.

Sure, that was back when nobody was playing and the competition was scarce, but still. 😜

Your art is always thought-provoking. You just have to make it prettier.

@darrenoneill haha! Wow Darren, kick the rat while he’s down 🤣🤣 @NICKtheRAT

@NICKtheRAT @Kennyben You do know I've submitted more art than you have, right Nick?

I mean, I didn't until I just looked.

Really is spray and pray. I get lucky, though.

@darrenoneill @Kennyben 31 pages! oh well, ive been posting longer xP you just submit like 20 per episode and pre show stuff too. ILL BEAT YOU AT BEING OLD! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

@darrenoneill Congrats!!! 🎉
And I am counting now. You should reach #100 easily this year.

Going to listen to the show now. I couldn't listen live.

@Tante_Neel Your schedule change is the only thing that's kept you from running away with the crown this year.

@darrenoneill I can still do sundays I hope. And a couple more thursdays until mid August.

Think you'd better watch out for @korrectdarekard (with 7 wins so far)
It's been a back and forth between you two the past 4 shows. 😄

@adam Great art! Remember artists that Dreb Scott can still use your art for the Podcasting 2.0 chapter art. You might not get 1st but your art can still be seen and appreciated.

@darrenoneill — *very* cool art, dude! Great concept, beautifully executed. 💖

I haven’t heard the show yet, but still easily understand the meaning conveyed here. :)

@adam I think episode #1365 is a particularly outstanding show. Top 10 overall, at least. One we can all be proud of. Great work, folks!

@adam Definitely worth learning more about Dr Kelly Brogan from the disinfo dozen. She’s a traditionally trained psychiatrist from MIT that developed a peer reviewed proven method of helping people with serious mental disorders heal without the use of pharma. Immediately makes her a target.

@adam President Biden clarifies his statement about Facebook: "My hope is, that Facebook instead of taking it personally, that somehow I'm saying 'Facebook is killing people', that they would do something about the misinformation."

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