Zero Coverage: Pfizer suspends distribution of anti-smoking drug after cancer-causing agents found in the pills

@adam the media knows not to bite the hand that feeds them.


All the cancer you want without the Rich Flavor of the smoke!! LMAO

@adam huh, convenient timing for this study to come out (from the article)

"One of Pfizer’s main patents on Chantix expired in Nov. 2020"

Let me guess.
(Just like previous similiar issues), the compounds come from China.

@adam is this a ploy to convince us that they would halt the distribution of a substance if it was found to be harmful?

Glad I never tried any of that crap. I was a heavy smoker for 40+ years and managed to quit about 7 years ago without any help. Simply by finally deciding for real I did not want to smoke anymore. It's a real physical addiction you can overcome in about two weeks. The biggest problem part is purely psychological. It's completely out of my system now and I can't even stand the smoke anymore from others smoking. I never tried vaping, but I have the strong feeling it's even more addictive.

Stop wishing. Stop making excuses. Make up your mind and get real about it. If you are not serious, don't try as it will definiately fail. Just like all those New Year wishers not seriously trying to quit. Those are the Chantix customers wanting an external solution. A magic pill. It doesn't work that way. Looking back, it's actually less difficult than it first appears to be. And I smoked more than a pack a day the last few years. Put your mind to it and you will succeed.


@MartinJJ @adam I quit vaping recently.

It’s a million times easier than quitting smoking. No question about it, not even closer. It’s still nic, but it’s just nic.

@shebang @adam
I'll have to take your word for it. It's just I see vapors basically sucking those things constantly throughout the day, even worse than smokers light cigarettes. Something must keep them going for it.

@MartinJJ @adam Well, you vape more because the nic gets out of your system faster.

Or do I’m told, but I just pared down my nic and when I decided I’d rather have the money I got some juice with no nic, then just.. Stopped bringing it places, etc, and now I’m done.

Actually my last vice! I think anyway. I’m all about clean living now. You clean things with alcohol, right? :blobtonguewink:

@shebang @adam
Well done. Vodka is transparent and odorless. 😜

Not sure where I heard it, may have been NA, but someone stated an alcohol addiction is for life. You will never get rid of that. In contrast with like cigarettes, heroine, etc which you can get past if you want. Long ago I lost a fairly young uncle who had Vodka for breakfast in the end. Most people find this strange, but his wife and children where actually relieved he finally died. It had gotten real bad for all of them.

@MartinJJ Yeah alcoholism is rough. I’m reality, I drink very little, very rarely hard stuff. All I’ve got at home is some light 4% beer.

@adam Wow, the show covered this many times, the psychiatric effects of Chantix, “ In 2009, the FDA ordered Pfizer to put a warning label on Chantix’s box. The company protested this for years and in 2016 the FDA stopped requiring the warning label”. But trust the Jab, Cmon man!

@adam What did you expect? Pfizer is run by a Zioberg. See

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