This could be an advertisement for E Corp's "Ecoin" in Mr Robot

@adam hey Adam, I appreciate all you do but why do you choose to put your shared links behind link shorteners? If you use it to track link click through, doesn't that go against OTG philosophy?

@trickydick my shortened is not his more than an S3 bucket with tiny redirect files.
No tracking here. You pretty much need a shortener these days to avoid censorship (to some degree) and systems that cut off URLs.

Pretty much better than anything else

> rails against western culture
> uses Dutch angle for camerawork

@adam my soul threw up, the brainwashing in video is just toxic 🤣🤣🤮😂 and that’s the nwo saying Mercia’ we’re gonna burn you down. I’m surprised no mockery of Christianity, maybe next commercial lol

@NickDragonslayer @adam Surprised noone thinks BTC is racist yet considering how meritocratic it is compared to fedcoin.

@adam What the hell did I just watch? Old money is racist and bitcoin is woke? Try buying your groceries and getting gas with that Bitcoin. The dollar is still king for now.

@adam None of those people look like me. Which is what makes our country stand out in a field.

@adam Funny how they chose to burn a bill with Jefferson on it. The guy who penned the constitution.

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