You cannot monetize the Network: "Spotify Stock Drops as Analysts Critique Podcasts"

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@adam Will they blame problematic Rogan ? (Spoiler: Yup)

@TrueNorth77 @[email protected] Nope. They will argue this analysis. Blaming Rogan would cause a revolt at the board. Reputations are at stake.

That said, I fully expect some internal employee groups to place blame.

It doesn't even have to be true.

I read the company's numbers and drew the same conclusions, to some protest.

Perception is reality. We live by similar judgement. Remember that.

@[email protected] @adam Should've specified "they" as the usual emotive reactionaries, not the board. Also, you look a lot like the Adam Curry I initially responded to

@adam But the nice analyst said they're an "open platform," 😜 so that must be why they're down this quarter.

@adam Good, they took some of my favourite podcasts and paywalled them.

@adam The love affair with spotify by some creators is at epic levels.

@adam It appears self defeating censorship is everywhere. I would fear but God says there is no need to.

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