@AbleKirby @[email protected] Its dynamic, and can be changed by moving the $ sign left and USD/BTC up to the top. Regardless, I'll be happy when it happens

@SirSpencer I always see it as a division, with a 1 on the bottom

@adam if you could find a webcam pointed at the train tracks, you could do the whole segment before John could even spot the Zephyr.

@adam How long did it take to arrive? I'm wondering if I can get one of these in time for Christmas.

@adam damn what happens when it hits 6 figures? 😱

Looks sexy tho! Where does it source its price from?

@adam oooh I zoomed in and saw coinbase... that thing is slick!

@adam I think that's what was sitting behind Jack Horsey last time he lied to congress!

@adam Imaging accompanying old ticker sounds (numbers going up!).

@adam Hilarious... deserved a 24x7 livecam on it!

@adam oooh, looks cool. Is it ready for $100,000.00 USD? ... is it ready for $1,000,000.00 ?


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