If you are a journalist using the term "glitch" to explain an internet outage, go fuck yourself.


Just a clog in the internet tubes. Call in the network plumbers

@CoramDeo @adam

I think the threat of a "cyber 9/11" should be rebranded as glitchkrieg just for the headlines.

@adam Same people that slap a TV when the picture is fuzzy.

@KevinBebee @adam Best way to fine a cold solder is smack the motherboard with the plastic end of a screw driver on the old CRT monitors.
An old Navy submarine guy called "Soup" taught me this..can't believe that fella never got electrocuted..of course he'd perform the test with the power on and the back of the monitor exposed.

@adam On the other hand, any day without the Hinternet, for me, is a day enriched, not glitched.

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