The New Six Week Cycle: Uncle Sam recovers 63.7 of 75 Bitcoins Colonial Pipeline paid to ransomware crew (hint: they had the keys)

@adam TOR was developed by the Navy let that sink in.

@baconisking @adam the internet was developed by darpa let that sink in

@adam dang. They paid it?! I’ll have to read up but, I wonder what exchange they used and what the fees were like.

@adam they didn't have the keys, they got a court order for the keys for btc still in exchange or online wallet companies. What was not recover is probably sitting in some cold storage wallet at in a KGB office.....oops I mean FSB

@netwebindustries how exactly (what timing) do they "recover" the btc though? Like did the ransomers think they'd received them and remove the ransomware, and then before transferring the coins away they were "recovered"? I'm kinda curious how exactly the hand-off of coin triggers removing or de-activating the ransomware works.


@netwebindustries where is this “they moved it to an exchange” coming from? Any source at all? Or just speculation (not criticizing)?

@whataboob just speculation, it the path of least resistance, LEO'S love that.

@adam nothing to see here Citizen, move along. I look forward to the next victim in 6 weeks.

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