A reminder from OSHA for employers: "If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related.

@adam Do we think that even counts for non-vaccinated who have adverse effects due to viral shedding?

@adam This is going to result in a Workman's Compensation Insurance nightmare that will take a long time to straighten out.

@Dougnk @adam

I testified to the with my State Advisory Board last week. I suggested if Workers' Comp covers COVID then it needs to cover the common cold, influenza and hangnails.

@kgibson @adam Absolutely correct. But your workplace health insurance may not want to hear it if an employee has a problem with the shot and it was mandated by the employer. Then the hospital will go after the workman's comp. Insurance lawyers paradise!
There might be special backstops with the emergency authorization. Pretty sure of one thing. Pharma won't be paying.

@Dougnk @adam depending on how your states insurance commission operates - it could get messy

Isn't this whole thing a violation of HIPPA rules? Aren't our medical histories supposed to be private?

HIPAA gives "any officer of the government" the authority to look at your medical records for any reason they desire. Great protection. However, this does not include private employers

My employer is such a pussy. They keep bluffing - "We strongly recommend the vaccine but we're not making it mandatory yet." Implying they have the balls to take on this liability. I feel sorry for my coworkers who have been gaslighted into taking the jab.

@adam Fun fact. The OSHA guidelines for Michigan for studying for the residential builders license is 998 pages or so.

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