Watch update in real time with podping watcher

@adam Forgive me Podfather for I have sinned. What’s the name of the search engine you been using again? I think it started with an E.

@adam how do I add a feed to the index/blockchain? I have a friend who is responsible for the podcasts here in AU on that wants to publish to the index. The doco is unclear.

@adam They are

And one he co-hosts

He has a post written by him

Where he notes

"I am in charge of the french language at SBS here in Australia. For those who don't know SBS, we are a national broadcaster... Our main SBS French podcast is highly successful, in fact, it often ranks in the top 100 of the podcasts in Australia... "

@adam France gave his a National Order of Merit for his role as Executive Producer of their French program too (as I just found out by googling)

@adam thanks for adding them to the index. I see them in now and passed on article.

Is via you the only way to get new podcasts in?

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