The honeymoon is over: "Spotify stock tumbles after earnings signal user growth is slowing" -- clearly not getting the influx of podcast listeners they projected

@adam It's the dotcom bubble burst 2.0 again, but this time in billions instead of millions.

Oh yay. At least this time it's slower, like a larger, shittier car crash.😂

@thadius @adam Spotify bought Rogan to control him not to make money.

@adam I haven't touched spotify since they started having ad-breaks

@adam this whole thing is like the satellite radio subscription model with stern and opie and anthony. They cant give that stuff away anymore.

@Cbrooklyn112 @adam Satellite radio was good when it wasn't trying to be terrestrial radio. XM had some very good, quirky music stations I really enjoyed. Sirius played the "hits" in heavy rotation, along with football. Guess which one was an easier sell?


I’m not seeing anyone mention the Spotify has the worst app UI in the business. Digging for basic controls like VOLUME shouldn’t be a thing.

There is too much concentration an album art consuming real estate on screen, and the video clips consume unnecessary bandwidth.

I’ve also seen them push out multiple updates in a day where elements like shuffle and repeat move location several times. Not move from one location to another and back, but to three different places. Nuts. Just die.

Sounds like a CIA funded op...lots of funding but no soul...going after podcasts maybe....?

@CoramDeo @adam

It appears that Spotify is making some app improvements around your music library. This was one of my main complaints, it was more about suggested listens that never match my taste than it was about allowing me to curate a personal music collection over time. Even if it is rented content I enjoy having a collection. This has NOT bled over to the Android app but the direction of the PC app is better. Maybe this is a pivot.

@gdouchie @adam

A pivot, I'm not sure about. I spent three years doing QA testing for integration of Spotify into our Audio product line and it was nothing but trouble. I mean, I could run into issues at 10:00 am, note the Spotify app version, then by 1:00 it would change again, then again before close of business.

My guess is, they aren't really doing sprints, they are just coding on the fly to patch issues and make changes, but no one is on the same page. Sloppy, poor form, IMO,

@CoramDeo @adam
Spotify integrates well within Ubuntu Budgie. Other than an odd bug where Spotify will crash 3 times and there are 3 sliders in the Ravenbar, it works pretty well.

@adam If ONLY they could have consulted with someone who has been around this technology since day one. It's probably incredibly hard to find someone like that, though.🙄

@adam It's so strange when you start censoring people they don't want to use your platform. Weird?..

@adam That doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been listening to NA for long enough, or regular podcasts, ftm, for long enough.
I bet Rogan will 'come back' to the open podcastverse pretty soon, too. As soon as he legally can, without losing too much of the money he made by going in.

JRE deficiency since Spotify money grab

I was a FULL ON Rogan supporter and still appreciate ALL the knowledge gathered. Years of introduction to the broadest array of humans-IN LONG FORM.

I now wonder if he’s not comped. tulsi is on this weird Klaus

thing, Duncan tressel IS comped. Gulf of Tonkin Dad is total spook.🤔I start thinking back. Elon, the weirdo before your podcast that built THIS bridge
It / He / JRE did bring me to the greatest podcast

God wins.

@adam I cancelled my account recently. Their mobile app was absolute garbage.

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