Apple's new podcast app got you down? Try a podcasting 2.0 app today!

@adam @Johncdvorak

I heard John C. go on about Dr Hotez.
He was on Rogan a year ago, and seemed like a genuine fellow, his focus is on neglected disease's where there is no financial drive for Pharma Co's to develop medicines for..
I'd be reluctant to dismiss the guy, although his criticism of those a oppose to the vax was unfair and inaccurate.

@adam I have the google podcast app and it seems to work fine, but might have to switch to the 2.0 app. Because who knows how long google will keep you on.

@adam how do I uses this? What do these different apps do?

@russellkanning @netwebindustries @adam Podcast addict is awesome, but I’m on iOS now and can’t find anything decent.

What's a good podcast 2.0 app that also plays? I use "grover" for windows right now, but it doesn't update the Album art.

@adam Gonna try out Podverse for iOS from the list. Will report back.

@earthjax New version with v4v streaming payments should be released any day now.

@adam So I looked for No Agenda first, but it's not updated since last year. I know I can put the feed in manually, but just fyi

@adam BUT, I've just loaded up a bunch of my usuals from their directory, I go to the first one, play, and it's already wiping the floor with Apple Podcasts anti-app

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