‎No Agenda on Apple Podcasts has the latest episode, but many on the latest version of the app don't.

@adam I sent feedback to the developer of the Mac/iOS app News Explorer (IMHO the best by far newsreader for Apple products) begging for a decent podcasting 2.0 app. Apple really screwed the pooch on iOS 14.5.

[email protected]

@adam Looks like the latest NA episode plopped into my phone just fine, as usual.
However, I have noticed that an unplayed episode may sometimes disappear from the unplayed list after it has dowloaded if I choose to listen to some other podcast episode before starting the NA episode. I've have had to re-download the most recent unplayed episode a couple of times. Not sure why that has happened, and it doesn't seem to be related to NA in particular. After reloading it the episode plays just fine.

@adam The regular Podcasts app that comes with the iOS 14.

So yes, sorry about possible confusion, I wasn't talking about any of the podcasting 2.0 stuff. I guess it's about time to give one of those new apps a try soon.

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