This is a 10 million company group of developers here Adam shouts out the weekly Podcasting 2.0 community meetup

@adam I think Apple is trying to drastically reduce barriers for casual/new podcast consumers, which I think is a _good_ thing for a preinstalled app. Leave the heavy listening features to the advanced, third-party apps.

@adam I have to thank you for doing PC2.0 webpage as I was able to find all my banned PC and add them manually to apples PCapp! The of course they updated it to confuse the fkout of me but thats life... Im sure the new UI made sense to someone but intuitive update it wasn't!!!

@adam Yeah, I see apple let you delete its podcast app now & OVERCAST free or $10 a year (sadly free is quickly a thing of the past) ~ but my biggest bugbear was search & you solved that! How/where can I post you & John a thankyou gift or just donate the postage money to NA? I have some seriously nice highend tradtional shaving kit... More than I can ever use! YTC Steve thedailyshaver

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