@adam, not pulling any punches with that art!! 🤩 TYFYC!!

@MountainJay yes, isn’t it brave? Twitter and Apple could de-platform...

@CSB @MountainJay Would that be a bad thing? People looking into why and what it's about. Then looking for a podcast 2.0 app instead of a policed platform? Doors open and close. We all know it's just a comedy podcast.

@adam Just wanted to correct something I heard that was wrong. One of the notes about mri techs made no sense. I’m an MRI technologist(technician is incorrect title) and we’re like xray techs. We just take the images we don’t decide anything about other tests like biopsies or read the images at all. That’s all done by radiologists who are the doctors that read the images and do procedures like biopsies.

@adam Another outstanding show!!! No Agenda truly is the sanity in an insane world.

WTF is wrong with @Johncdvorak? Lin Wood exposes the cabal of Hollywood, the House of Windsor, Bill Gates, the Illuminati, Clintons, Obama, Biden, the Bushes, the Pope, child sex trafficking, etc. and asshole JCD throws cold water on it! WTF? @adam

@adam @jJohncdvorak One point was missed on the last episode about segregated seating for vaccinated people at events. If people are supposedly getting the vaccine to protect themselves AND others, then having vaccinated people interspersed with non-vaccinate would theoretically help increase social distancing as the vaccinated would act as human buffers between the unvaccinated.

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