This represents ~1% of the total flow of Value 4 Value Streaming Payments to Podcasters .0

$12 yesterday, so roughly $1200 flowing to podcast producers and app developers

@adam I moved some sats into @[email protected] via Breeze and started streaming Sats today!

@adam there was a book about 10 years ago that told about how original plans in the 70's for the internet had it being value for value in micropayments to content creators. an interesting read since you are are very like minded to the author's views about monetization of the internet.

@martin @adam
Pretty steep 📈 after 4/2. When did you @martin release the v4v version of Podfriend? 😄

@ville @adam That would be that day, and I am super proud how many people decided to try Podfriend (let's see if they stick around!)

I was certainly pretty priviliged by all the attention it got - But I think all Podcasting 2.0 apps probably saw an increase around then, since there was a lot of chatter in general around value4value and the namespace! :)

@martin @adam
Well done dude! You just single handedly 10x'd the value flow 😎 🎉

@adam This amazing graph brought to you by the salty sea breeze of Galveston, Texas.🌊

Lex Fridman and Tim Ferris are the 'big names' that need to get on this value for value train!

@adam Fact check false! Due to an issue I've identified (and am publishing in a peer-reviewed journal) about podcastindex actually receiving up to 10% of some of the podcast stream donations right now. So extrapolating from that 1% is not true right now. Once the issue is resolved then the graph will be closer true. - an independent fact-checker!

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