@adam I'm getting
"Parser Exception: At line 2278 column 102: no element found"
from AntennaPod on Android

@adam It's fine now, sorry to bother you if this was beyond your control.

@darrenoneill @Kennyben at least they feel bad when they don't pick yours. 🙂

@darrenoneill it is! I’m so excited 🥳🥳🥳 I have my family over for Easter and I started screaming, they picked me! 😂😂

@Kennyben And they were all like, "For the jab?"

And you said, "NO!! For No Agenda Album Art!!"

Then they all looked at you funny?

Been there. 😜

@darrenoneill yes, and they asked do you get paid? 🤣🤣🤣 I said no, I just get credit! Way better then getting paid.

@CSB I added the goat at the last second too. I almost left it out 🐏

@adam I am a proud resident of the “Racist” state of Georgia.

@Coyote, you tipped 0.002 :10grans: to @adam and have 0.06561 remaining.

@Clogwog Been trying to get a transcript for MF-61-2021-04-04 bit its over 4 hours. Any tips?

@adam nope sorry.. for some reason it just seems to work, where it shouldn't.. stop talking so much ? 😜

@adam i'm running out of time on my account for this month as i just went back another 20 odd episodes.. just keeping enough for the next few shows.

you could split the show after 2 hours, then add 2 hours to the result of the second half srt file output

just give the 2 srt files to me and i'll merge them together

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