Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode number 61 "Mark My Words -- Adam and Moe Touch the third rail -- Boost us on @gopodfriend @spinx_chat @breez_tech @podstation


LGY! I was so hoping y'all would get a new ep out before your vaca!!

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“Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me pay attention to everything!!”

@[email protected] @gopodfriend @spinx_chat @breez_tech @podstation Under an UN initiative, over 100 scientists have joined hands to tackle the issue of misinformation around Covid-19 vaccines and build confidence by busting myths and sharing information on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines via the social media.

The UN has collaborated with The Vaccine Confidence Project at the University of London to undertake Team Halo, an initiative which aims to counter the misinformation around Covid-19 vaccines.

Globally, the initiative is supported by scientists who are involved in the race of coronavirus vaccine development across the world's top institutes like Imperial College London, Harvard Medical School, University of Sao Paulo, University of Barcelona and many others.

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They found 100 shills, and censor the thousands that speak up against it. I bet they had a diversity requirement, but not scientific qualification to have actually looked into it, just "do you have doctor in your name, what color is your skin?"


They're running a chosen narrative, and suppressing anything which might challenge it. True of Covid, PCR testing, vaccines, death rates, natural and medical therapeutics.

So joining arms and shouting louder is going to address this disconnect?

@adam In the beginning of the show you & Mo discuss the new features of the new Podcasting 2.0 apps, like the ability to 'boost' (donate) in real time.
Sounds cool, but doesn't that result to inevitable "Youtubification," or worse still, Facebagification of podcasting?
Podcasters will start fishing for 'boosts' and alter their behaviour and content to maximise them, unconsciously, much like people do on social media channels with likes. Which in turn affects the quality & style of the content.

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