Things we learned are corrupt in 2020-2021 (so far). Credit: Rolando Gonzalez.

@adam im mad as hell and i wont take it anymore was my first reaction. But considering my plan of big fleeing might work. Meh. Let the ground burn behind me. Nothing left only barren land.

Holds for much of us half of poland hungary down western european band is still playing a romantic music but meh. Nope. Not much to save there either.

But dont get depressed at all. Its just my random babble.

@adam btw would anyone be interested in creating a farlefty neospeak to english dictionary?

Also we could write a philosophy book as on which values and facts far left humans world is built upon.

@adam Vatican and the US Council of Bishops with their Democrat Immigrant placement $ needs to be on the list.


Philosopher Neil Kramer explains that this corruption is a test.

Most people will not pass, and that's a good thing. The Pain needs to increase...

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