Poor WaPo, doesn't understand who designed Bitcoin, or how it stays so resilient for such "arcane technology" LOL

@adam trying to *contrast* a "central bank" with "arcane technology" has to be the goofiest performance in mental gymnastics I've seen so far in crypto

@adam Do you think the Tesla move into Bitcoin is just a stunt to distract from the actual performance of the company?

@Schif @adam Elon can boost the bitcoin value by 20% every time he tweets about it, why wouldn't he get in there to double his money by scamming a million reddit investor millenials daytrading cryptic cryptos in their moms basement. You think these wallstreetbets redditors made money on gamestop? They lost everything, the rich hedge funds and Elon Musk types made all the money by selling before the overhyped bubble burst.

@Schif No. Elon is a government insider.
Just like SpaceX, his real customer wants his EV tech for something else. He is n effect untouchable.

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