Texas Power update: power came on almost exactly 48 hours after it went off. But ERCOT is rolling the power, so I expect it to be sporadic for the next few days. Not out of the woods yet.

@adam A generator just went to the top of your TO BUY list.

@adam You’re sure you don’t live in Calcutta (Kolkata now) in the 80s??


All those Cali transplants brought there power generation with them

@adam would having the Air Stream have helped you get out of this situation/make life easier in any way? I think you need to look for another mobile command center!

@Baylor Our well pump died a few months ago, and took a few days to get replaced. It was awfully nice to at least have a functional toilet in our travel trailer! @adam

Just be glad not to drive an all electric vehicle. They may well be another disrupting factor in all this.


I guess the California refugees brought their power outages with them.

@adam They just don’t want to buy power from our facilities at these high Nat Gas prices. That’s the main driver for your suffering. Koch Industries with our Flint Hill Resources facilities...

I was wondering about that when I saw the spot prices. I was wondering today how much money they would be losing. I wonder if the real causes will come out in the investigations/hearings.

@adam I guess this situation negates the claim of the independent power grid as a feature of living in Texas.

@adam Just be thankful you live in Texas where its always warm.

@adam May God bless and keep the Curry's and all my American cousins enduring this dark winter. And I have two words for all when the lights come back on and you can access your bank account: Honda Generator.

I was hoping to see another happy wife pic after a couple more days without power and I hear they are starting to have water problems.

@adam how’s your plumbing holding up, Brushwood says he can’t use his toilet. Unreal!

@adam why don’t you do the show earlier while you you still can, if that was your concern

@adam my husband is a lineman here in tx. That first day he worked 28.5 hours in snow and ice. It has been such a shit show. He’s still working 16+ hr days in this. At home we have no water lol we thought we might have some yesterday but I discovered some of our pipes might be busted so I turned the water off. This is nuts!
So many without power and ERCOT is just picking and choosing who to give power to with this blackout mess. Sounds like socialist bull crap to me.

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