Google can't kill it, Spotify can't buy it. Podcasting is the Bitcoin of media

@adam the people failing to realize you can’t monetize the network think you can somehow censor podcasts. How cute.

@PhoneBoy @adam

Semi off topic... Was listening to Millie's Shadowgate whilst cleaning yesterday and Tori mentioned the DS uses torrents to keep their data alive.

@adam "Put simply, podcasting isn’t ready for full-scale, widespread moderation — if that’s even what the industry wants." Isn't ready?!? People like the author, the other despicable creatures at The Verge, and a vast majority of the commenters to that post are asking to be virtually hanged, drawn, and quartered (HDQ) by us fans of podcasting (by words, mind you, not for real!).

For those who don't know what HDQ really meant, here are some lucid details.,_

@adam - Nothing more enjoyable than a game of "keep-away".

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