Bag of dicks: Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle working on Covid vaccination passport

@adam You will need to present a digital covid passport to access large portions of the internet. Flat-Earther covid deniers need not apply! 😉

@adam My prepaid candybar burner phone doesn't run apps. What will I do?

@adam I saw Bag of Dicks open for Skinny Puppy at the Rickshaw theatre in Vancouver. Hell of a show. Hell of a show.

@adam I can see how they're going to start to force us to take the vaccine. CDC is going to require airlines to validate passengers have had testing within 3 days of international travel coming into the USA. right now getting the vaccine doesn't exempt you from that. But I bet they will soon. so you're tired of being at home and you want to travel internationally, get the vaccine so that you can come back.

@BobB @adam you’ll be forced because if you don’t have the vaccine you can’t partake in society

@BobB @adam If it stayed as international travel, good on a macro level.

It won't tho. It'll be simply going anywhere.

@stewil102 @adam this CDC requirement for incoming international travel is a big deal. We have travel plans in March... 8 days. We fly out and arrive at destination country, no problem. Then within 3 days of coming home, we need to get tested... in a foreign country where our language skills are limited and our knowledge of local medical system is zero. And what if we have a false positive test? What hoops to we have to jump through to come home, and how much is that going to cost?

@adam Crap on a cracker... Mayo had to get involved in this crap. That means I may have to get jabbed to visit one of their facilities.

Bag of dicks, indeed!

@adam No fucking way will I be coerced into this bullshit.

@TheCM I am happy to waiit as long as it takes so other people who need it more urgently than me can get it.

@adam @TheCM The one shot J&J vaccine made the old fashion way is coming soon.

@adam hint: Buy ChainLink LINK $22 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

@adam New spelling: ‘vaxxine.’ The double ‘x’ indicates extreme poison. Historically the ‘x’ was a symbol used by heretics during the inquisition to code their belief that Magdalene was married to Jesus, not a prostitute as the church proclaimed. The letter ‘x’ has since endured as a symbol of the forbidden or unwanted. The spelling pokes at the idea that ‘anti-vaxxer’ is bad. Added bonus: ‘vaxxine’ can be pronounced with a ‘nazi soldier’ throaty roll. (starting a trend)

@adam In Sydney the premier is talking about being refused entry to certain venues and services without Vaccination. It’s absolutely disgusting.

@adam There are oodles of people flaunting their vaccine records out there, and I suspect photoshop is running too.

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