@adam I have been anticipating this show so much. Tyfyc

@MountainJay @adam Thank you ❤️ It's a monstrous thing though 😆


I love it! You're already on a very good trend for 2021! 2/3 for the year is awesome!

@adam @Johncdvorak

@jennifer ❤️ Thank you! Sounds pretty good when you put it like that!

@a7 @adam

how scraping can include deleted/private posts? Scraping is data usually accessible to the general public? If there are deleted or private posts than it is some kind of hack.

@netkodrugi @adam they weren’t actually private thats not really a hack just a fuckup on parlers end, they are just sequentially downloaded a simple range

for thise android users here: try briar messenger. telegram and signal gonna be next targets.

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