@MountainJay haha, I blame @darrenoneill because he said "CSB, stop being lazy and start submitting" or something like that

@CSB, never apologize for giving TBPITU what it needs. 😘❤️


@darrenoneill @MountainJay 6?


Anyways actually I plant to submit some innovative artworks this year yet



@CSB @MountainJay And see, I got you back on the board. I get the assist, like in hockey. 🙂

@adam Scott Adams tweeted just a couple hours ago today his great regret at not coming up with “that’s what Xi said"

@darrenoneill now that I won artwork today you HAVE TO talk about serverless cloud tech tomorrow on GOB, hahahaha

@CSB That's not my domain. You should come on GOB and talk about it. We can disguise your voice!

@darrenoneill my voice is so distinctive that there is no technology yet to disguise it

@CSB We pitch shift. Add some reverb. Flange a bit. Maybe pitch shift some more.

@CSB When you leave your high-level government spook job, then we can podcast! 😜

@sp33dsk8r @CSB He does, I can attest to that. The Podfather's impersonation is on mark!

@darrenoneill and thanks Darren, i didn't want to break your streak, i was just fiddling with ipad as usual


Let me be the first to welcome our 9 foot tall 233 I.Q. Chinese Super-Soldier Overlord Peace-keepers.


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