@adam Wow... the way NA goes; I would NOT want to be 'the guy' responsible for chaptering the cast.

Maybe KISS, Early Show, 1st Donation Segment, 2nd Half of Show, etc?

It's nearly impossible to do in real time, unless you take notes on your SECOND listen like I do, and write down the timestamps too.

So I'll contribute to this project and @SirFudgefountain might be interested as well since he already does the blugs.com episode summaries, but since I do a 2nd listen to each show after 10 shows later, my notes will always be delayed at least two weeks.

@adam Please note that I'm not complaining about NA lacking organization; it's a rather "Attention Defecit" show in a way, and I figure that a huge portion of our NA Tribe Producers are also kind of Attention Defecit... I know I am.

@BlueDouche @adam I truly have ADHD. Not taking my pills today... Just for fun

@adam The thing is No Agenda is No Agenda. The only for sure chapters are the donations-segments, Amy Goodman and the end-of-show-mixes (it's like a party!)

OTG segment are always interesting. Adamn's review of the PinePhone was brutally honest. I wouldn't have it any other way.

There are so many gems throughout each episode that interconnect that perhaps bookmarks are a better fit for NA‽ Though more often than not, Adam and John come together and - 1/2

forge segments that can easily be selected as proper chapter. @BlueDouche
@adam - 2/2

@one @BlueDouche Hypercatcher allows you to add a url. Can also be an image url.
Like a slide show. Curious what people come up with.

@adam queue ai learning to find the best places to insert ads? That is actually really neat, though. It should be distributed, like the bitcoin… lol.

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