That skull looks like it was the one who said the creepy kraken iso

Sir @darrenoneill - LOVE today's episode art!

So what's your current 2020 tally?

@jennifer We are at 25. A great year, but will fall short of the magic 33 of last year.

Too many good artists around these parts!


Hey, it's still mathematically possible!

Especially if you have Bo Jiden's PA goons swoop in in late December. 😉

Also, I just saw the post about your mom - sending good vibes and suggesting she take part in the legalized magic herb as I have witnessed it be a HUGE help with chemo for many. xoxo

@jennifer Thanks, Dame Jennifer.

Yes, we can stack the votes for art wins!! 🤣

I told my mom to inquire when she sees the oncologist next week what all can be done when it comes to the wacky weed, cbd, and other holistic things to help with the chemo.

@adam I agree, Kirkland toilet paper is thin and awful. Their paper towel is great, but the toilet paper is horrible.

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