James Cridland: “How to pirate someone else's podcast onto Anchor” - - (FYI Spotify owns Anchor)

@adam unrelated, I always said the word "podcast" was insulting. Adam is a broadcaster. It's a damn radio show... on the internet. I hate that word so much... said me since 2006.

@commandlinekid @adam Leo Laporte tried to get everyone to call it Netcast years ago because he disliked “Podcast” as well but the original term stuck. It’s now part of the lexicon.

@adam This gets to something I floated in the direction of @sobr but I know he's busy: the idea of there being a Podcast Registrar that would make it difficult-to-impossible to pirate podcast feeds much like you can't take over someone's domains without the keys to registrar account (or a Federal warrant... but I digress). The Registrar record would also make it a lot easier to distinguish "original" feeds from aggregated feeds by topic (ie: the God-casters).

@adam @sobr Nothing super-expensive... just $3.33/year per podcast should make it cost-neutral to running a small surplus for Podcast Index.

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