Congratulations to HyperCatcher for flipping the switch to

@Sabex ooh. The nerdier the better!
Make sure you get on our github.
And ping me!

@adam we will not be able to convince Marco Arment as he hates Alex Jones too much, but maybe Pocket Casts and Castro player makers
Can be convinced .

AC are you ok with me asking podcast player
devs about including from my 3-letter “CSB” twitter account? Or better not?


@CSB @sobr All are welcome and I hope everyone finds ways to spread the word. This is an open project. As for Marco, so what? I want fresh new ideas to be tried. New thinking. New apps.

@adam @sobr ok, AC I will ask via CSB twitter account devs of several podcast player apps to include in their podcast players

@CSB I'm a long time premium pocket casts subscriber, if it helps I can bug them too.

@ned yes, do it!

Something like:

Hey guys, could you add as source for your add-podcast-search so that I can easily subscribe to podcasts that are not available at Apple’s iTunes API?

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