@adam congrats @NetNed on winning artwork today, very impressive!

and kudos to AC and my Slavic bro Dvorak for picking that artwork - it's very brave!!!

@byGabeGrider @adam me too, it's very brave decision on part of AC and my Slavic bro Dvorak

@adam That’s some frigging awesome artwork! Love it 😎

@adam Someday several decades from now.... This podcast is gonna be pulled from the archives and studied. The artwork will be an outstanding quality of the value of the "No Agenda" Podcast. This piece is exactly why. Top Shelf. @NetNed

@NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam I did but I took it off a trash can. I said it was clip art!!

@NetNed @n4vx @adam it was designed by dkmurphy . Don't think that's considered free clip art. That's what we call a no-no in the art world 😜

@NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam I saw it on etsy and assumed it was. My bad. I will search it more next time but I have a feeling "dkmurphy" doesn't own it either

@NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam Well, all I can say is "Forgive me Podfather for I have sinned"

@NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam I will send an extra truffle as atonement to NickTheRat 😭

@NetNed @NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam We all know the only way to beat me in the art game is to juice! I apologize for being so good that I've caused Sir NetNed to go to performance enhancing shenanigans. 😜

@NetNed @NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam Someone should really loop @CSB in on this so he can rant.

I'm gonna pop some popcorn and wait.

@darrenoneill @NetNed what’s there to rant? Ned Ned stole the art and sold it at NA art gen as his own. I did it once by using art from a book long time ago but since then I try to create my original artworks.

And stupid rodent still blocks me both on Twitter and on NAS so no point to include me in conversations with him. Stupid because if you don’t like someone then ignoring or muting should suffice, blocking is hostile.

@CSB @darrenoneill So is it true you are slovoak? I am honestly asking that because that is what I thought I heard

@darrenoneill @NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam Art drama is part of the stick of the show now. Don't hate the players, hate the GAME! BTW, I tried viagra to beat @darrenoneill art but I didn't end up listing to the show and made some "conceptual" art piece of my own 😯

@darrenoneill @NICKtheRAT @n4vx @adam They told me it would be more suited for the Syfy or Shudder Networks

Cute, especially considering it's like a 100 year old drug.
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