@checker Just bring your mic, computer and your favorite playback software. Nothing else needed. It's all hardware. Some fresh background here:

@adam looks very promising, but this is not the podcast device you have been talking, the one you could carry around with you and podcast from anywhere, or is it ?

@adam zero latency!? I want that for my guitar 😎

@Raaphorst While we don't have a Hi-Z input, you can definitely use the line-in. No distortion though :-)

@Raaphorst Also, no frivers, no special software. Just plug it in, set for your room and go.

@adam you direct-monitoring on the box right? Sounds like an interesting desk too me

@Raaphorst Yes, direct monitoring of the mix. Zero Latency. It's all in the hardware.

@adam do you have a favorite board or site for audio troubleshooting?

@adam @bowduh

Will you allow / encourage third party repairs ? Or is it a ship (+ out of warranty fee) and exchange ?

I know what goes on with phantom power and input mic pre chips / transistors. It's not common, but not out of the question

@ChrisWilson @bowduh It's a Kickstarter :-)
No user serviceable parts. It *is* user updatable for new features.

@adam @bowduh i was thinking more for repair centres with microscope workstations and surface mount rework facilities. There are a handful of them out there.

Certainly give are the days of tapping the tubes to see if they make noise. Jiggle the handle.
"The right to repair" might be a good selling point, but clearly opens you up to the Chinese copies. Maybe after you've made your billions, retired early from No Agenda and handed your mantle over to @NICKtheRAT, have authorised repair centres

@NICKtheRAT @bowduh @adam

It's just me j guess. After working in hardware repairs, on and off, for so long, i hate to see good tech thrown away because there's no information to fix it.

I know it's a bit like how the Catholics view their sperm, but it seems such a waste.

@ChrisWilson @bowduh @NICKtheRAT for sure we will have excellent tech-support and documentation.


I'm thinking I should hook you up with Randy Resnick. He runs the VoIP users conference. Might be worth a review / interview there. Small but tight community there. He does that live production thing across multiple feeds

I'll mention it to him. You guys can talk when you're ready.

@NICKtheRAT @bowduh

@adam I'm going to put your small batch into my super massive marketing chipper.

@adam how did I miss out on this? Signed up. Can't wait to be a backer. When do you think they'd be available? Kickstarter, so ... 2019?

@adam all the Kickstarter I've backed have taken years (or never) to come out ;)

@allenhuffman I will deliver and in a short timeframe. 6-8 weeks if the factory cooperates. We already did the r&d, development and tooling. This is just to get the order in.

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