Lots of producers are sharing their stories with me. Many are out of a job or about to be. I’m going to start promoting NAS as a place to make connections. Let’s all be welcoming and helpful. Use hashtags to form ad-hoc groups. TYFYC

@adam given we're all being told to shelter in place by the giant voice systems of the world, NAS is an important element of keeping our amygdalae small. The more the merrier!

@adam Thank you Adam. I am an independent dude named Ben. Clients are telling me they are shutting the doors for weeks or limiting projects and on site work. Wife has a restaurant and we are waiting for the word that Wisconsin has to shutter all the bars and restaurants. We really think this will not end well. I am going out Wednesday to look for any available job. Hell, I would move across the world for a decent opportunity at this point.

@mwklein @adam pay attention to what’s going on in DC. Kudlow said something about sending everyone a check for $1000, all those CEOs who were with Trump in the Rose Garden last week were there for a reason, and it wasn’t moral support. K Street is probably working overtime to make sure their clients get a piece of the action.

@adam daymn gubbermint emotionally bullied us! dey shut mah pubs!!!

@adam we’ve heard that there will be some sort of “hazard pay” for front line and essential employees. My guess is that it will come from the emergency spending bill they passed last week. And I’m sure every sales manager in the world is revising their forecast way down for first quarter and figuring out how much to sandbag into May/June. Everyone will get a piece of the loot!

Work has told us they will send home entire departments if one person tests positive. Until then....

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