President Trump and VP Pence Held Conference Call With U.S. Grocers and Suppliers

@adam People need to think of the supply chain - if it's an item sourced in the USA (toilet paper, eggs, milk, meat, Kleenex, Odoban disinfectant 😁 ) there aren't going to be supply issues.

The virus poses little threat to those working in the supply chain, so transportation won't be a rate limiting step.

It's just identifying the insane people.

Oh @DrChris
You pecked out:
It's just identifying the insane people.
Toilet paper hell, causes me to worry about not having enough ammunition. - 🤠

Oh @adam thanks for posting these kinds of articles. Provides us the tools needed to pound some fucking sense into dimensh B.

@OhVinnie @DrChris I haven’t seen widespread posting of this. Which it should be.

Oh @adam @DrChris I'll do my part with my wandering through the tubes/wires.

GREAT show yesterday too.

@adam @OhVinnie

I'd have to go back and watch, but I saw snarky remarks on Twitter after Trump announced the Fed went to 0% that he said "So go out and buy!" as if it was in reference to buying stocks.

When I saw the actual presser, that comment was clearly in regards to relation to groceries, where he assured the public there were no supply issues and not to panic, just buy what you need.

@adam @OhVinnie @DrChris When I was sick in December, I told everyone (here and in real life) that it was very weird. Wasn't a cold, not quite the flu and since I've had pneumonia twice in my life I know it wasn't that either.

There you go...

@adam where are the date/time stamps on these articles. It is possible I missed them in looking at the article but not having them (and a lot do not put them on an article) is almost fake news in its self.

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